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How Can I sign up.

You can sign up to EverConnect.me by getting the invite code that is provided on our Facebook Welcome Page. Make sure that “Like” the page beforehand.


Supported Browsers

EverConnect.me is supported on:
Internet Explorer 9 and up
Chrome version 17.0.963.56 and up
FireFox 10.0.1 and up
Safari 5.1.3
Opera 11.61
*For better results make sure that your browser is up to date.

Why [Name of the Service] is not supported?

We are still on the closed beta. We will later on add more services to our library.

How to delete your account?

Go to the settings by clicking either on the gear Icon on the top right side of the page(Next to the log out link) You can also click on the plus button it will also bring you to the settings . Once on the setting page on your left side under Account settings, click on Advance Setting. On the bottom of that page there is a section where you can delete your account. Enter your password and click on the button “Yes, I want to delete my EverConnect account”. The system will delete your account, please remember that process,¬†once you clicked on the button, it cannot be undone.

My question was not answer in the F.A.Q/ I have a suggestion

We would love to hear you. Feel free to drop us a line by using the feedback our feedback page https://everconnect.uservoice.com/forums/130771-general