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With all theses different social networks in place, keeping in touch with all your friends has become quite a difficult task. Friend A has only an account on Facebook, but not on Google Plus, while Friend B lives on twitter. Unless you start using multiple tabs, its impossible to keep in touch with them without having you jump from one tab to the other.

Everyday the number of people joining a social network increases at a high rate. When your friend next door joins a new social network what is the first thing he will do will most likely to invite his buddies, in other words you. Of course you will not reject the invitation, who would? Joining a new social network is always fun, until you get to manage several of them under different services. How can you solve this?
One word, Everconnect.
Everconnect is here to redesign the way your social network experience(and by the same time make your life easier!) by unifying all social communications under one roof in a simple and easy way.

Who we are?

Also known as the “invisible social network Consierge”, Everconnect is a Tokyo based company established in september 2010.
We take pride in making your life easier by leaving you the freedom to join as many social networks as you please, hassle free.

Our Goal?

Simple and easy! 
Preventing you from having daily headaches due to “social networks managing”. 
You could say that we are “Everconnecting all users under one platform”.

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