How the social media and video games emerged to leverage their respective status

It is a wonderful thing to remember the moments having a social life and gaming life, when the time that the meaning of playing is to clamor in an arcade machine in a public area, being surrounded by your best friends and some strangers which might become your new friends after having to socialize with them in this gaming area. Maybe we can say that those were the moments that games were also considered social, but when the games were revolutionized and came into our homes and have become increasingly popular. However, this doesn’t always mean that gaming and gamers in the modern era aren’t social.

In fact, the entire industry of gaming and social media has merged their ways to uplift their status. As the revolutionary high-speed internet access become a necessity and common in homes, gamers are using social media to share their gaming experience and the social media is utilizing the games to leverage popularity and usage.

One factor that influenced the merging of social media and gaming is the wide use of smartphones. People across the world use the smartphones to keep in touch, the mobile game industry has begun to start its domination. An example of which is the use of iPhone which helped the video games into the mainstream platform like never seen before where the games Candy Crush and Angry Bird were made accessible can be played easily and is extremely addicting. Several games have also made the headlines, such as the successful Flappy Bird in the year 2014, which utilized its intense difficulty and pushed the players to share their success and frustrations in social media.

Another factor in the success of social media and gaming is the blending of the online and offline world. One famous sight is the launching of Xbox One in November 2013 by Microsoft. Microsoft’s social networking plan for the Xbox One was complex. Microsoft is known to own Skype, and the made the blending activity where the chat option have allowed the gamers to have an established contact with their friends and fellow gamers. The player’s game footage can be posted directly into their profile and is accessible on the social media platform. The Xbox owner can also submit or upload the video through YouTube where a huge audience can see his/her skills in the game.

The Second Screen experience has also helped to establish an active interaction of the gamers as it can also be considered a socially influenced activity. The second screen experience created by Microsoft and Sony for Xbox One and Playstation 4, respectively, has transformed any device such as a smartphone or tablet to be second screen for the console.
These are just a few examples to define the continuous combined influences of both industries to forge mutual success. Both industries of Virtual Gaming and Social media are still on the verge of development to different ideas to continue their growth.

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An Easier Way to Operate a Mobile Strike Trap Account

In setting a trap account in Mobile Strike, you should have the ability to lure your opponents and put them in one place – the killer event leader board. There are two varieties of killer events which include state versus state and a limited state standard kill event. Apart from knowing these details, you have to prepare for the items, well-trained troops, and traps to manage your group into action. You must acquire these lists of arsenals to put your military groups into the modern war and pour out the fire on the battlefield.

  • 8 hours peace shield supplies
  • Resource item supplies
  • Boost for Anti-Scout
  • Speed up supplies
  • Advanced teleports

What to do in case you’re being attacked?

1. Activate your 600k T3 or 800 million T1 troops to protect your base from being attacked by the opponents especially when you’re online. Many players will be tempted to fire their bullets and ruin your base. To prevent this from happening, you should keep your troops ready for a great war.
2. Wear the mithril armors and weapons all the time for your commander. It is important to always set up the complete gears and manage to rescue your base in times of unconscious attacks from the enemies.
3. Use your baiting skill to lure the adversaries to attack your base and surprise them with your thousands of troops waiting to pull the triggers of their firearms.

During the time when you bait your enemies as part of the game strategy, you should not assist your alliances for the rapid building and upgrade of the architectural structures, do not deliver resources to your alliances, do not disclose alliances’ gifts and do not accomplish any missions because it might interrupt your baiting tactics. You must appear invisible to the other online players of Mobile Strike to hide your troops, and manage to finish off your enemies. The right timing, appropriate plan, and strategy as well as powerful weapons and fully padded armors are the secret spice to form strong troops to invade the base of the enemies and eventually, slay each one of them. As a player, your logical thinking can be the best weapon to manipulate your battle and maneuver your skills.

Bonus: Mobile Strike Tips & Strategies

If you’re still having a hard time succeeding in the game after follow the guide in this article, you should take a look at these Mobile Strike Tips. The strategy and help that the guide offeres will make you a Mobile Strike battle-hero in just a few hours!

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Life with the sense of fashion is the hot trend in this modern generation. Women dress up because they wanted to feel comfortable, cool, confident and smart. Women also dress up because they wanted to keep themselves beautiful, especially in front of their loved one. Fashion contributes to the overall behavior, attitude, appeal and lifestyle of an individual. You will know the character of a person by merely observing the type of clothes he or she wears. There are various fashion genres in this game ranging from goth, elegant look, glam, fabulous, childish look and more. Blazed yourself, because the various fashion statements are found right next to your Play Store or AppStore!

Game Developers and Specifications

style-me-girlIn the Android Play Store, the Style Me Girl: Free 3D Fashion Dress up is an app product of Frenzoo with a rating of 4.2 based on 150,746 reviews. It has a size of 49 MB, requires an android version of 2.3 and above as well as updated until August 12, 2015. The game is intended to 3 years old and up but even the teenagers and mothers play it over their Smartphone and tablets. It is an F2P but it offers in-app purchases too. While on the iOS AppStore, the Style Me Girl: Free 3D Fashion Dress up has a game size of 79 MB and compatible with 2.6.1 iOS version through iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad platforms. Customers rated this game at iOS with 4+ out of 3,193 reviews. It offers in-app purchases in which dollars are converted to game cash to buy clothes, accessories and cosmetics using real life money. The app is not just a basic dress up game; it also includes photo shoots, modeling, makeup, playing with pets, and shop different apparels, accessories, and cosmetics.

Facebook Games

Facebook: A 2-in-1 Account for Social Communication and Game plays

All of us have Facebook accounts, having one is a convenient way of promoting easy communication, mode of file transferring and interactive gaming. You may browse thousands of games in different genres including casual, sports, adventure, horror, strategy, visual novels, puzzle, match, trivia, board game, slot casino, simulation and bingo games. What made these games more exciting and thrilling is the idea of inviting friends to try out the game and you may play together virtually.

The Famous Games Of All Time

If you’re a new to playing, the recommended Facebook games are listed below, you may select based from the popular games or top grossing games on the Facebook chart sales. The ten out of the most popular games for 2016 include candy crush saga (4.1 ratings), candy crush soda (4.1 ratings), farm heroes saga (4.2 ratings), 8 ball pool (4.4 ratings), criminal case (4.4 ratings), pet rescue saga (4.2 ratings), words with friends (4.3 ratings), cookie jam (4.3 ratings), bubble witch 2 saga (4.1 ratings) and dragon city (4.5 ratings).

On the other hand, the top ten grossing games for 2016 include Double Down Casino, Slotomania Slot Machine, Candy Crush Saga, Farm Ville 2, Candy Crush Soda, Heart of Vegas Real Casino Slots, Double U Casino, Texas Holdem Poker, Bingo Blitz and House of Fun Slots.

Facebook Games For Business

Over a million players in each of the popular games are electronically listed and hundreds of reviews are conducted, leaving outstanding ratings and positive comments in playing the Facebook games. No need to download the game itself because you will play using your Facebook account. Just choose among the varied genres and experience these amazing games. You may also download the Facebook application directly to your smart phone and play in the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Receive regular notifications on your account for you to be aware regarding the updates of your game. It is really a great conceptualization that took place combining a social media account with free gaming applications. For every game, there are assigned developers and using Facebook as their mode of business across countries is an edge to them. Statistics have proven that about 250,000 user accounts are being hooked to games in just a month. It is an incredible channel, privilege and advertisement for the game studio to develop games and launched them through Facebook.

A number of social media games.

Pros and Cons of Social Media games

Social Media has become a huge part of many people’s everyday lives. From the popular Twitter to Facebook, to the dying Google + and MySpace, a lot of people have one. So what happens when games such as Farmville, merge into the social media world.

Well first off, it can be annoying, as many of these games have no victory conditions (excluding board games such as scrabble) meaning that it never ends, and nobody is ever declared a “winner.” This means the game goes on forever, and can be addicting at some times. Games such as Farmville are like this, and it’s nearly impossible to do anything fast enough without help, so you can bug all your social media friends to send “help.”

No Competition

Though there are pros to games like this, such as most of these games aren’t extremely competitive. These aren’t games are like Uno and can’t destroy life-long relationships with people. (I mean come on, giving the +4 color changer to your friend is basically like saying screw you). Most of these games are more so laid back and have little or no winning against real people in them.

Now another con to these games as they are an obvious strategy for the social media site. People already spend hours sometimes a day on these sites, but of course the companies don’t think so. Most social media sites make money off of advertising, and the less you are on the less they make, so what better what to make you spend more time on these sites? Addicting games of course! Now if you have self-control, this isn’t a con to you, however, some don’t have very much self-control over playing these games, if they have any at all. This then takes time away from family, and other day to day activities that need to be done.

A pro to these games though, is the face that they are always free, and most have the capability to be “completed” without any in game purchases. This is a HUGE plus for people who can’t spend money on games. Now many will say, why don’t they just go to free game websites? Well of course they can, but then they wouldn’t be playing some popular games that everyone else is playing.

They are Never Really Good

The final con I have to social media games are they are never really good. Like most web based games, there is only so much a browser can support. So you can’t have some Call of Duty knock-off that is web page based, without losing HUGE amounts of graphics, and over all smoothness of the game.

Now, I did criticize social media games extremely hard. They are fairly okay games, for laid back people who just have a bit of spare time (even though for some people it’ll turn into an addiction. Social media games are only known as “social media games” for one reason…..because the social media site decided to put it on there. Why? To make more money when you play the game. Even though they aren’t very good, many people around the world still love and enjoy.